Paros Travel Blog – Plan a trip to Paros island, Greece

This travel blog post has everything you need to know about planning a trip to Paros island in Greece. Visiting Paros Paros is a small and lovely island located in the Aegean Sea, Greece. One of the Cycladic islands, it’s known for its clear turquoise waters, sandy beaches, charming villages, and stunning sunsets. Paros is … Read more

Meteora Day Trip From Athens

A Meteora day trip from Athens will take you to one of the most remarkable places in Greece. Here’s how to visit the mountains and monasteries of Meteora from Athens. Visiting Meteora from Athens One of the most visited places in mainland Greece is Meteora. This area is a breathtaking combination of majestic monasteries and … Read more

A Road Trip to Unlock the Secrets of Karpenisiotis River, Evrytania

Two mountains and a river: Helidona, Kaliakouda, and, running through them, the Karpenisiotis river. A 32-kilometer route from Karpenisi to Prousos, also known as Potamia. Next to the river waters and the plane tree forests you will encounter intersections for interesting villages, street vendors selling fine local products, as well as miracles of nature and … Read more

A Road Trip to Lake Tsivlou in the Peloponnese

Thick fire trees and Fairy tale footpaths, streams and breathtaking views of the snow-capped slopes of Mount Helmos await on this magical road trip to Achaia in the northern Peloponnese. This enjoyable 41-kilometer journey begins at Akrata, and traverses alpine lakes and stone-built villages to terminate at one of the most popular ski resorts in … Read more

A Road Trip Along the River Tavropos, Thessaly and Central Greece

This long route, spanning 208 kilometers, “embraces” the untouched mountains of Agrafa and approaches them from both directions: from Lake Plastira in the north, where the Thessalian Agrafa are also located, and from the villages of Karpenisi in the south, traversed by the Tavropos (or Megdovas) river in Agrafa Evrytania. The southwest side of the … Read more

How To Take A Mycenae and Epidaurus Day Trip from Athens in 2022

Explore two UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece during this Mycenae and Epidaurus day trip from Athens. See the Tomb of Agamemnon in Mycenae, the outstanding theater of Epidaurus and more as you journey back into Ancient Greece. The Birthplace of Ancient Greece Mycenae was once the most powerful kingdom of the ancient Greek world. … Read more