Mykonos hotels, suites, studios & other places to stay 2022

Photos showing just a few of the myriad accommodations available on Mykonos, from top row (left to right): Villa Konstantin; Rochari Hotel; Mykonos Charming House; Katerina Studios; Olia Hotel; Hotel Tagoo; Amazon Mykonos; Hotel Alkyon; Habitat Mykonos; Agia Anna Studios. Where to stay: For some people, Mykonos can be an overwhelming place to visit in … Read more

Where to stay in Serifos

Wondering where to stay in Serifos, Greece? This guide will show you the best areas and hotels in Serifos for your next vacation. Serifos Island Serifos is a small Greek island in the west of the Aegean’s Cyclades Group. It’s a quiet Greek getaway island, quite different to the big name destinations close by. Serifos … Read more