Refresh Your Spring Style at Athens’ Vintage Clothes Stores

Seeking out great quality, high-style and original second-hand clothes and accessories from Athens’ satisfying range of stores can add just the originality and pep your wardrobe needs to stand out and define your personal style. Meanwhile, with fast fashion committing one of the world’s greatest cardinal environmental sins (official sources say that it is responsible … Read more

Spring Veggies: What You Need to Know About Spring Produce in Greece

When you think of Greek produce, what comes to mind first? Probably tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers – all the basics of a horiatiki, right? Yes, those vegetables are all great, and particularly wonderful when grown from the Greek earth! But there is so much more to the Greek table, especially in springtime, when gardens on the … Read more

7 Easy-Peasy Recipes for Spring

And while I love a culinary project, I also understand the value of enjoying these springtime beauties as quickly as possible. So here are my favorite Greek and Greek-inspired spring recipes that are easy to cook and serve! Beet Risotto with Feta You might not think of risotto as a particularly springy recipe, but this … Read more