Everything in the Middle: 8 of the Best Restaurants for Sharing Food

Greeks have always placed food in the middle of the table. It’s a practice that’s observed throughout the Mediterranean. Middle Eastern delicacies, Italian antipasti and Spanish tapas fill the tables reflecting the traditions, warmth, light-heartedness and sheer joy of sharing. Of course, letting everyone have their own plate and eat whatever they crave in peace … Read more

What to Eat on Aegina Island this Summer

The only bad part about leaving the city for island life in the summer, is leaving behind a vibrant restaurant scene. Thankfully, my island – while no Mykonos – boasts the perfect combination of traditional eateries and innovative culinary professionals. Besides all our go-tos, there’s always something new and delicious to try. Below are 7 … Read more

Athens’ 5 Most Creative Gourmet Restaurants

Anyone visiting Athens after years away is flabbergasted by the explosion of a new, thrilling dining scene that’s on par with many of the world’s most sophisticated cities. Lockdowners found profound comfort in the ever-growing choice of places that sprung up out of nowhere and delivered fantastic cuisine to their doorsteps, and now that we’re … Read more

Mykonos: What’s new for 2022

A view of the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town — Updated on April 12 2022 — The Island of the Winds: Much like the dry Meltemi winds that blast the island every summer, the winds of change blow strongly on Mykonos, bringing a flurry of brand-new hotels, restaurants, bars and shops for each fresh … Read more