Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf (With Feta, Gruyere, & Roasted Red Peppers)

Gruyere And Feta Cheese Stuffed MeatloafThese recipes combine the flavors of two favorite Greek foods. The one is Mpiftekia (baked Greek meatballs) and the other is the flavor of Stuffed Red Peppers With Feta Cheese (a traditional Greek appetizer). If by any chance you have tried these foods then you can understand how tasty this … Read more

Lamb Stifado – Red Wine Stew With Pearl Onions

Slow-Cooked Lamb With Wine And Pearl OnionsThe word Stifado which is pronounced Sti-fa-tho refers to a traditional Greek stew that is made with pearl onions and cooked in a hearty tomato and red wine sauce. Along with plentiful sweet spices such as cinnamon and allspice. This Lamb Stifado recipe differs slightly from the classic version … Read more