No – Cook, Easy Greek Recipes for Summer

When the summer heat hits, it’s almost impossible to make yourself labor in front of a hot stove or oven, no matter how hungry you are. I get it! It’s when salads full of the delicious bounty of summer come center-stage in my kitchen. And luckily, the Mediterranean diet is packed with foods and recipes … Read more

Greek Recipes for Cooking Peaches

On the Blue Zone island of Ikaria, where I am from, peaches and beaches go hand in hand, too! Just imagine: You’re sitting on a pebbly beach, your toes just inches away from the water, your thoughts melting away with each passing wave, and plenty of ripe peaches to enjoy—just take a dip in the … Read more

No-bake Greek Yogurt Cheesecake – Real Greek Recipes

Creamy Greek Yogurt Cheesecake With Fresh StrawberriesIt’s really one of the yummiest cheesecakes you can make and lingers a bit towards the healthy side. Though it’s still a full-fat cheesecake, the Greek yogurt it contains a great nutrition boost to it. Ingredients You Need To Make No-bake Greek Yogurt Cheesecake For the no-bake cheesecake base, … Read more

Only for Sweet Tooths: 3 Recipes for Traditional Greek Spoon Sweets

If you’ve ever been offered syrupy preserves known as “spoon sweets” on a visit in a Greek home, you know: More than a dessert, these traditional treats serve as a symbolic gesture of hospitality. They’re also delicious. Most locals have a favorite kind, and there are many to love, from popular variants with grapes and … Read more

7 Easy-Peasy Recipes for Spring

And while I love a culinary project, I also understand the value of enjoying these springtime beauties as quickly as possible. So here are my favorite Greek and Greek-inspired spring recipes that are easy to cook and serve! Beet Risotto with Feta You might not think of risotto as a particularly springy recipe, but this … Read more

Chocolate Honey Cookies (Melomakarona) – Real Greek Recipes

Melomakarona Cookies With Chocolate CoatingI was really skeptical of making this modern version of Chocolate Covered Melomakarona as I do like to keep things traditional. But I have really changed my mind once I tried them. They’re too good. And well, I did make the non-chocolate ones to keep up with the Christmas tradition. As … Read more