Kayaking in Symi – Explore the real and authentic side of Symi island

Kayaking in Symi with Trekking Hellas was a fantastic experience! Here are my thoughts after taking this lovely day trip on one of the most picturesque Dodecanese islands in Greece. A fabulous sea kayaking tour in Symi Symi is a small island, located close to the better-known Rhodes in Greece. It’s best known for its … Read more

Dodecanese Islands Greece – Real Greek Experiences

There are 15 main Dodecanese islands in Greece, with the most popular islands being Rhodes, Kos, and Patmos. Dodecanese Group Of Greek Islands Greece can be a confusing country. Take the Dodecanese for example. The name would indicate there are 12 islands, but in fact there are over 150! To confuse matters further, 26 of … Read more

No-bake Greek Yogurt Cheesecake – Real Greek Recipes

Creamy Greek Yogurt Cheesecake With Fresh StrawberriesIt’s really one of the yummiest cheesecakes you can make and lingers a bit towards the healthy side. Though it’s still a full-fat cheesecake, the Greek yogurt it contains a great nutrition boost to it. Ingredients You Need To Make No-bake Greek Yogurt Cheesecake For the no-bake cheesecake base, … Read more

Chocolate Honey Cookies (Melomakarona) – Real Greek Recipes

Melomakarona Cookies With Chocolate CoatingI was really skeptical of making this modern version of Chocolate Covered Melomakarona as I do like to keep things traditional. But I have really changed my mind once I tried them. They’re too good. And well, I did make the non-chocolate ones to keep up with the Christmas tradition. As … Read more

Why learn Greek? The real question is, “Why not?”

“Why should I learn Greek?” If you’re asking this question to yourself right now, let me make this easier for you. Why shouldn’t you learn Greek? I mean, you’ve got nothing to lose, right? In this blog post, we’ll demonstrate all the important reasons why you should start learning Greek today. Table of Contents The … Read more