The 10 Greek Recipes You’ve Been Loving This Summer

1. Classic Grilled Octopus It would be hard to imagine the Greek meze table without a few slightly charred, smoky, and delicious grilled octopus tentacles – so it’s no wonder it has landed at the number 1 spot for the recipes you searched this summer! This classic Greek recipe is perfect if you’re looking for … Read more

No – Cook, Easy Greek Recipes for Summer

When the summer heat hits, it’s almost impossible to make yourself labor in front of a hot stove or oven, no matter how hungry you are. I get it! It’s when salads full of the delicious bounty of summer come center-stage in my kitchen. And luckily, the Mediterranean diet is packed with foods and recipes … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About My Recipe Club

I love sharing the food and cooking philosophy of my island, Ikaria. You might even say I’m a little obsessed with the Ikaria diet! Ikaria, an island in the eastern Aegean, has gained global recognition as a Blue Zone and the place, dubbed about a decade ago by the New York Times, where inhabitants regularly … Read more

How to Use All Your Cucumbers in Salads, Dips, Main Courses, and More |

What do you do when you have cucumbers coming out of your ears?? This is exactly what is going on in my Ikarian garden right now. Luckily, the Mediterranean diet and Greek diet both feature cucumbers in all kinds of recipes – salads, dips, even main courses that will certainly fill you up. And, with … Read more

All About Assyrtiko, Santorini’s Famous – and Intense – Wine

When you imagine a Greek island getaway, what usually comes to mind? Beaches with crystal-clear water, white rocks and sand, those iconic blue domed roofs on cliffsides that descend abruptly into the sea? If so, you’re not alone, and you’re most likely picturing Santorini, one of Greece’s most famous (and breathtakingly beautiful) islands. But besides … Read more

Greek Recipes for Cooking Peaches

On the Blue Zone island of Ikaria, where I am from, peaches and beaches go hand in hand, too! Just imagine: You’re sitting on a pebbly beach, your toes just inches away from the water, your thoughts melting away with each passing wave, and plenty of ripe peaches to enjoy—just take a dip in the … Read more

5 Ways to Up Your Greek Salad Game

How do I make the perfect Greek salad? I’ve actually got 5 Ways to Up Your Greek Salad Game, and they’re easy to follow now that we’re diving into summer produce! Below, I’ve listed out what you need to know to up your Greek salad game, and always remember the absolute no-no’s: skip the lettuce … Read more

Green Beans Bring Greek Summer to Salads, Stews, and More

Green beans, sometimes also known as snap beans or string beans, are low in calories but packed with antioxidants like vitamin C, flavonols, quercetin, and kaemferol — all of these help to fight free radicals, ultimately reducing cell damage and possibly lowering your risk of certain health problems. Not only that, but beans are also … Read more

Tomatoes: the cornerstone of the Greek summer kitchen

Tomatoes are a true revelation, in the Greek diet and the Mediterranean diet more widely – Italy, Spain, and Israel certainly feature their fair share of tomato dishes. They’re a full sensory experience that bring together sight, smell, touch, and taste, and they run the gamut in flavors and textures, as a multi-varietal vegetable, but … Read more

Grilling in the Greek Diet

Were Greeks the original grill masters? It seems as though this cooking method can be traced all the way back to Greece’s Mycenaean civilization during 1600-1100 BC Archaeologists have uncovered ceramic trays made for grilling souvlaki, and griddles made for grilling bread, in addition to the large hearths where most of their meals were prepared. … Read more