Inside Scoop: These are Our Favorite Places for Ice Cream in Athens

Bon Bon Fit Maison Kriton Poulis started his professional life as a pastry chef, working as the right hand of the famous Pierre Hermé. He remembers how the inspiration for his fig ice cream came as he strolled the cobbled streets of Kythera. Ever since, the flavor that has become his signature returns every summer … Read more

Kaimaki Ice Cream With Mastiha

Kaimaki ice cream is one of the most aromatic and uniquely-flavored ice creams. And that’s because it’s flavored with a spice called Salep, Mastiha, as well as Rosewater. So its flavor has a hint of spiciness and its aroma will have you traveling to the middle-East! So what is Salep? Salep which comes also under … Read more