Digital Tour Guide from 4th Century BC brings Amphipolis Back to Life

Meet Ioklia, the 10-year-old daughter of a man called Nikandros, who lived in Amphipolis in the 4th century BC. As a “digital tour guide,” Ioklia will take you on a journey to her home city in the year 325 BCwhen Alexander the Great was still on campaign in Asia, and when construction first started on … Read more

International Travel Packing Checklist – The Ultimate Guide!

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The Facebook Ads Funnel Guide – Do You Speak Greek?

However, don’t assume that Facebook ad campaigns can’t operate successfully when you see the learning limited warning. If you do need to make significant adjustments to your ad set or ads then by all means do so. Don’t judge your ad sets’ performance until the learning phase has finished. As far as older generations are … Read more

Syntagma Square in Athens – Local’s Guide for 2022

Syntagma Square is the most central area in Athens Greece. Here is everything you need to know about Syntagma Square, including its recent history and all its main attractions. Where is Syntagma Square Athens Ask any Athenian, and they will tell you that Syntagma Square is the very heart of Athens. The distance to every … Read more