12 Essential Greek Foods for Your Winter Pantry

Our sense of taste and smell can evoke powerful memories. We’ve all experienced moments when the aroma of a freshly-prepared meal has triggered heart-warming memories of the kind of food yiayia (grandmother) used to make. The taste of certain foods may recall memories of meals enjoyed on past vacations, at specific places, or on special … Read more


Imagine this: you’re at sea somewhere in the Aegean, relaxing on a luxury cruisers’ sunbed, drink in hand, taking in the beautiful view of the next Greek island you’re about to visit. Even better, you’re there with your significant other or best friend, island hopping and creating core memories that will last a lifetime. That’s … Read more

Five Greek Villages for Any Season

Kalavryta, Ahaia
 It may be the size of a small town, but its atmosphere is redolent of a village. The heart of Kalavryta beats on the pedestrian street of 25th Martiou, where you will find everything you need, and more – shops, restaurants, cafés, groceries selling local products and small souvenir shops. The infrastructure – … Read more

What’s Up Brew? – Greek Microbrewers On the Rise

Most Greek microbrewers began by pursuing a personally satisfying hobby, so, when they went commercial, they did it with enthusiasm and the desire to share the pleasure of a delicious brew with like-minded consumers. They continue to keep a close eye on developments in the craft scene in Europe and the United States, which means … Read more

The 10 Greek Recipes You’ve Been Loving This Summer

1. Classic Grilled Octopus It would be hard to imagine the Greek meze table without a few slightly charred, smoky, and delicious grilled octopus tentacles – so it’s no wonder it has landed at the number 1 spot for the recipes you searched this summer! This classic Greek recipe is perfect if you’re looking for … Read more