Paros Travel Blog – Plan a trip to Paros island, Greece

This travel blog post has everything you need to know about planning a trip to Paros island in Greece. Visiting Paros Paros is a small and lovely island located in the Aegean Sea, Greece. One of the Cycladic islands, it’s known for its clear turquoise waters, sandy beaches, charming villages, and stunning sunsets. Paros is … Read more

How Greece Keeps Inspiring Victoria Hislop to Weave Her Magic

Victoria Hislop is more than a bestselling author, adored by readers around the world for novels that combine history and culture, and explore the dark challenges and effervescent delights of human existence. Much of her inspiration has been drawn from Greecea country that she’s studied, intuitively understood and loved (and in her novels, so eloquently … Read more

Another Greece from… Above – Greece Is

If we exclude the iconic Acropolis, covered in snow this January, and the White Tower basking in the afternoon light of Thessaloniki, the remaining 13 aerial photographs that feature in the open-air exhibition on the fencing of the Athens Concert Hall are making passers-by stop and wonder the whereabouts of the location shown the picture. … Read more

A New Yorker Bound to Greece – A Visit to Brice Marden’s Studio on Hydra

Brice Marden’s huge studio on the small Saronic island of Hydra is bathed in sunlight. The top floor of the elegant old townhouse has always been dedicated to work and was where sails were made for the building’s original shipbuilding owners, the Kriezis family. The American artist, who shares his time between Hydra and New … Read more

The Coral Gardens of Greece

Deep in the sea, where light is scarce, there is a different colorful world. The coral gardens, slowly growing on the reefs, provide the space to create a precious and beautiful canvas of marine life forms. These formations are largely unknown. Only recently has a research team studied such an ecosystem in the Alonnisos National … Read more

Dodecanese Islands Greece – Real Greek Experiences

There are 15 main Dodecanese islands in Greece, with the most popular islands being Rhodes, Kos, and Patmos. Dodecanese Group Of Greek Islands Greece can be a confusing country. Take the Dodecanese for example. The name would indicate there are 12 islands, but in fact there are over 150! To confuse matters further, 26 of … Read more