Multifaceted Greek Experiences From Delphi to Nafpaktos

By driving around the Corinthian Gulf, we can sample the various types of tourism available in Greece: beaches from Xylokastro to Nafpaktosarchaeological sites from Corinth to Delphi, endless olive groves, spring wildflowers, rivers, mountains, outdoor activities, gastronomic experiences, castles and bridges—all within a few hours’ drive of Athens. Weeks could be devoted to the area, … Read more

Dodecanese Islands Greece – Real Greek Experiences

There are 15 main Dodecanese islands in Greece, with the most popular islands being Rhodes, Kos, and Patmos. Dodecanese Group Of Greek Islands Greece can be a confusing country. Take the Dodecanese for example. The name would indicate there are 12 islands, but in fact there are over 150! To confuse matters further, 26 of … Read more

Gamma Graphene Jacket Review – My Experiences Wearing The Gamma Jacket

Is the Wear Graphene Gamma jacket the ultimate all climate jacket for outdoor adventures? I’ve tested it out, and here are my thoughts. Gamma All Season Jacket by Wear Graphene When I was contacted by Wear Graphene to review one of their jackets, I jumped at the chance. Incorporating the ‘wonder material’ graphene, the Gamma … Read more