Greek Cheese Pies: Everything You Need to Know!

The Greek carnival (AKA Apokries) already well underway, and its excesses leading up to the Lent fasting period is an interesting lens through which to look at the Mediterranean diet, and especially how creatively Greek recipes approach different food groups. Last week, I talked about Tsiknoppempti, a celebration that is also known as Charred Thursday … Read more

Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf (With Feta, Gruyere, & Roasted Red Peppers)

Gruyere And Feta Cheese Stuffed MeatloafThese recipes combine the flavors of two favorite Greek foods. The one is Mpiftekia (baked Greek meatballs) and the other is the flavor of Stuffed Red Peppers With Feta Cheese (a traditional Greek appetizer). If by any chance you have tried these foods then you can understand how tasty this … Read more

Trahana Soup With Feta Cheese

Sour Trahana And Feta SoupWondering what Trahana Soup tastes like? Like a thick very tasty pasta soup with plenty of melted feta cheese inside! What is Trahana? Trahana is a form of pasta that looks like very coarse breadcrumbs. There are two types of Trahana. Sour Trahana and Sweet Trahana. In this recipe, we use … Read more