New Book Unlocks the Secrets of the Antikythera Mechanism

It was the morning of May 18, 1902, when Kythera MP Spyridon Stais visited the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, going straight to the hall containing the finds from an ancient wreck off Antikythera. When the wreck had been discovered two years earlier, he was the minister of ecclesiastical and public education, but, even more … Read more

Discovering “Handcrafted Crete,” a New Concept Book

Isabella Zambitaki, travel journalist and creator of the Tourism Awards, wanted to write a special book about Crete. She chose as a theme the many aspects of Cretan handicrafts and created A concept book that looks at traditional arts from a modern perspective. In its pages, we discover a multifaceted variety of age-old crafts from … Read more

Art Collector Chrysanthos Panas Pens New Book on the Aegean Islands

Last summer, Chrysanthos Panas and his good friend Katerina Katopis-Lykiardopoulou organized a multi-day island-hopping adventure to the beautiful Aegean islands. With Flisvos Marina as their starting point, they set sail for a deep blue escape on a classic 1972 sailboat made in Greece. We can enjoy this enchanting journey over the inimitable Greek blue through … Read more