Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection in Athens

Syntagma Metro Station is the hub of the Athens metro system. It also houses a very interesting little museum which is a part of the station itself. Read on to find out more about the Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection. Syntagma Station Athens If you’re planning a visit to Athens in Greece, the chances are … Read more

Greek Archaeological Treasures: The “Mask of Agamemnon”

“I have gazed upon the face of Agamemnon,” boasted Heinrich Schliemann, the famous amateur archaeologist who first unearthed the gold funeral mask at Mycenae in 1876. Imagine his excitement and joy as he carefully brushed away the dirt to reveal the mask, depicting the face of a bearded man, glinting in the sunlight. But did … Read more

Kerameikos Archaeological Site and Museum in Athens

The Kerameikos archaeological site in Athens sits somewhere between the Ancient Agora and Technopolis. Kerameikos itself is part ancient cemetery, part defensive walls which is now an archaeological site with museum. Featuring artefacts from the surrounding Kerameikos Necropolis, the museum helps to explain the funerary rites, rituals, and practices of Ancient Greece. Getting To The … Read more