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You’ll find articles on managing money, making more through side hustles, and the Momentum series of blogger interviews. The blog publishes articles on topics like paying off debt, saving money, making money, and more. J started Millennial Boss as a way to track her debt payoff. After paying off nearly $100,000 of debt the blog is still going strong with articles on topics like personal finance and side hustles.

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Companies also analyze the trends in data through business intelligence tools. Accuracy in the detection of anomalies and fraud have improved with the use of Data Science. This has helped to reduce risks & scam, minimizing the losses and saving the reputation of the financial institution. Personalized services are a great way for the financial institution to build a good relationship with its customers and increase their sales by offering them what they are interested in. Insights are generated and analyzed the customer information related to the interaction by financial institutions by employing many kinds of tools and techniques. Natural language processing and speech recognition based software is handy to financial institutions nowadays for better communication with consumers.

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For example, filing for bankruptcy decreases your credit score by a hundred points or more. And that makes it more challenging to borrow money or even get a job. In this article, we covered everything about Quantitative Finance from Degree Courses to certificate programs and job profiles.

Personal finance blogs are a wealth of information on topics like budgeting, saving money, investing, debt payoff, retirement planning, and strategies to increase your income. The money crashers website showed another different approach to finance blogs. They provide a range of blogs under the category of banking, loans, family, and home, etc. By following this website one can get to know about investing, smart shopping, etc.

The awards recognize independent financial media voices as well as favorite products and services in the financial industry. Women’s World Banking is the global non-profit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources essential to their security and prosperity. I will definitely check these bloggers out, I have never heard of most of them. Still a bit rusty, but I love YouTube, and I figured many people would just assume a video than read half the time, so I want to be able to reach all different platforms. For serious budgeters who are addicted to spreadsheets and numbers, this should be your go-to resource for how to create a budget. I visit NerdWallet for its awesome calculators more than anything.

These should items can easily combine to cover our cost-of-living as well as leave room for financial growth. And because our compound efforts, I suggest seeking financial independence sooner, rather than later. Discover how to build wealth through investing in index funds. Building wealth begins with making wise choices, allowing those to play out over time, and remaining invested for the long-term.

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With all those different things going, no wonder she needs coffee! Her personal finance blog is for the money curious millennial that wants to make smart use out of their money. She believes in using money as a tool to maximize your happiness while still making wise decisions about retirement and investing. There are hundreds of money blogs and personal finance blogs from all over the globe, however, the blogging industry is hardly saturated since blogging caters to a global audience. Our Debt Free Family aims to help you take control of your money, so you can pay off debt and work toward true financial freedom. The site is authored by Amanda Blankenship, a full-time website manager and blogger.

You want to enjoy the time while the kids are still around. However, you also need to save for retirement, while most likely paying for a house and kid expenses. This family friendly personal finance blog covers topics such as earning more, spending less, investing, saving for retirement, debt, credit cards, mortgages, budgeting, building credit and more. Discover the best financial advisors and coaches, personal finance blogs, podcasts and resources to help you achieve your money goals. Wealthtender is a friendly and vibrant online community designed to help our members achieve financial freedom.

Debt Roundup’s Personal Finance Blog List – Many great blogs. Rockstar Finance’s Best Money Blogs – Only a few blogs, but very selective. For a great website with comparisons, reviews, and all-around informative articles, check out Finder.

We may have financial relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this website. Among other things, we may receive free products, services, and/or monetary compensation in exchange for a featured placement of sponsored products or services. We strive to write accurate and genuine reviews and articles, and all views and opinions expressed are only those of the authors.

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She put herself on a two-year shopping ban and decided to embrace minimalism. You can join Cait’s online community, sign up for her newsletter and take advantage of her financial-help resources at Ruth is a finance blogger and author who created Living Well Spending Less in 2010. Her marriage was in jeopardy due to her “out-of-control” spending habits. Wanting to hold herself accountable, she decided to start writing about her personal challenges with money. Ruth’s mission at Living Well Spending Less is to help eliminate overwhelm and make life just a little bit easier.

The Best Interest is not liable for any personal financial decision you may make after reading the blog. And I want to teach you about personal finance and investing…. I’ve been very fortunate to have experienced the thrills of entrepreneurialism a few times.

David Lebovitz uses his blog to share recipes and stories with an audience interested in food, recipes, and travel. He makes the articles personal, sharing fun stories in each. However, personal blogs are different from other types of blogs because the focus is on you, sharing personal stories and experiences — while other types of blogs are created to solve problems or give advice.

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