Healthy Spinach And Feta Wraps

These fresh, light, and appetizing Spinach and Feta Wraps can’t get any healthier than this! They are real superfood wraps that get ready in no time! With creamy whipped feta cheese, raw baby spinach, crisp cucumbers, onions, and herbs. And even though, they are not a traditional Greek recipe, these healthy wraps are inspired by … Read more

Baked Omelette With Zucchinis, Feta, And Potatoes

Published: Sep 18, 2022 Updated: Sep 18, 2022 This post may contain affiliate links A very filling and delicious baked omelette with fried zucchinis, feta cheese, and potatoes. With a flavor similar to that of Zucchini pie. Forget about all the fuss of making an omelette in the frying pan. Yeap, I’m talking about flipping … Read more


Imagine this: you’re at sea somewhere in the Aegean, relaxing on a luxury cruisers’ sunbed, drink in hand, taking in the beautiful view of the next Greek island you’re about to visit. Even better, you’re there with your significant other or best friend, island hopping and creating core memories that will last a lifetime. That’s … Read more

Kaimaki Ice Cream With Mastiha

Kaimaki ice cream is one of the most aromatic and uniquely-flavored ice creams. And that’s because it’s flavored with a spice called Salep, Mastiha, as well as Rosewater. So its flavor has a hint of spiciness and its aroma will have you traveling to the middle-East! So what is Salep? Salep which comes also under … Read more

Greek Frozen Yogurt Recipe (+ sugar-free option)

Published: Jun 25, 2022 Updated: Jun 25, 2022 This post may contain affiliate links Frozen Yogurt is a delicious, healthier alternative to ice cream. Especially the refined sugar-free option you’ll find in the recipe below. It’s also ridiculously simple and quick to make using only 2 ingredients (unless you want to flavor it with some … Read more