Where to stay in Serifos

Wondering where to stay in Serifos, Greece? This guide will show you the best areas and hotels in Serifos for your next vacation. Serifos Island Serifos is a small Greek island in the west of the Aegean’s Cyclades Group. It’s a quiet Greek getaway island, quite different to the big name destinations close by. Serifos … Read more

Travel to Greece 2022 – All about Covid certificates and Covid tests

If you are traveling to Greece in 2022, you will need to be aware of the ever-changing travel restrictions and rules. Here’s all you need to know if you are visiting Greece in 2022. International Travel to Greece 2022 – Updated on 8 February Travel to Greece in 2022 is currently open to everyone. However, … Read more

Watch: Tinos Art Project Combines Music, Textiles & Sounds of Nature

Katerina Kanakari, director of the Zarifio Craft School of Tinos, points out that the effort that goes into producing a traditionally made woven product far surpasses what people are usually willing to pay. It makes sense, then, that the institution is facing financial challenges. A special new art projecthowever, has given the school a boost. … Read more

Klima Milos – Colourful village in Milos island Greece

Klima is a small fishing village in Milos Greece, famous for its quaint, colorful houses. Here’s how to visit Klima Milos, and what there is to do and see. Klima Fishing Village in Milos Greece Milos island in the Cyclades is known for its unique landscapes, lovely beaches and quaint fishing villages. The most colorful … Read more

Taste Greece at Mia Feta, the only-one-of-its-kind feta bar and food shop in Thessaloniki

Mia Feta and some of its many dishes and products are seen in a collage of images from social media pages for the Thessaloniki restaurant and retail shop “Nettle risotto with feta mousse, truffled feta ravioli, feta panacotta with bee pollen and tomato jam. Who knew feta wasn’t just for Greek salad? — the Mia … Read more

10 Beautiful villages in Milos Greece you can visit in 2022

Milos, the beautiful Greek island, is well known for its fantastic landscapes and amazing beaches. But that’s not all! Here are the prettiest quaint towns and fishing villages in Milos Greece. Plaka – The capital of Milos Plaka is the capital of Milos, built at an elevation of 220 m above sea level. It’s the … Read more

Cozy and romantic Love Bay Beach on Poros island

Love Bay Beach — Λιμανακι της Αγαπης in Greek — is indisputably the love-liest seaside sunbathing and swimming spot on Poros island Cozy cove: For Valentine’s Day we wanted to post about an appropriately-themed place in Greece, and Love Bay Beach on Poros island immediately sprang to mind. A picturesque cove nestled beneath lush green … Read more