Inside Scoop: These are Our Favorite Places for Ice Cream in Athens

Bon Bon Fit Maison Kriton Poulis started his professional life as a pastry chef, working as the right hand of the famous Pierre Hermé. He remembers how the inspiration for his fig ice cream came as he strolled the cobbled streets of Kythera. Ever since, the flavor that has become his signature returns every summer … Read more

Five Greek Villages for Any Season

Kalavryta, Ahaia
 It may be the size of a small town, but its atmosphere is redolent of a village. The heart of Kalavryta beats on the pedestrian street of 25th Martiou, where you will find everything you need, and more – shops, restaurants, cafés, groceries selling local products and small souvenir shops. The infrastructure – … Read more

5 Archaeological Sites in Greece and the Best Nearby Beaches

Ancient Messine, Messinia Ancient Messene was an important cultural center in antiquity and continued to be a major political and artistic center even after the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 BC. Upon entering the archaeological site, you will see the Theatron, followed by the Agora, the Asklepion with a series of rooms that housed … Read more

What’s Up Brew? – Greek Microbrewers On the Rise

Most Greek microbrewers began by pursuing a personally satisfying hobby, so, when they went commercial, they did it with enthusiasm and the desire to share the pleasure of a delicious brew with like-minded consumers. They continue to keep a close eye on developments in the craft scene in Europe and the United States, which means … Read more

Lessons Learned from a Two-Week Sailing Odyssey in the Aegean

When stepping aboard the yacht I’d be spending the next two weeks sailing the Aegean, I was flooded with a heady mix of Excitement and trepidation. Having faced a series of challenging events over the past year, the mere thought of being away from land, free and uninhibited, while spending precious time with close family … Read more

Greece Without a Summer? – Greece Is

A visit to the Cycladic islands provides ample evidence of the incredible increase in tourism. Athens is also feeling the change, with more than 16,000 visitors heading up to the Acropolis alone every day. Never have we seen so many direct flights from the United States or global celebrities singing the country’s praises. And after … Read more

New Book Unlocks the Secrets of the Antikythera Mechanism

It was the morning of May 18, 1902, when Kythera MP Spyridon Stais visited the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, going straight to the hall containing the finds from an ancient wreck off Antikythera. When the wreck had been discovered two years earlier, he was the minister of ecclesiastical and public education, but, even more … Read more

Most Important Ancient Sites In Athens You Need To See

The Acropolis and Parthenon, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Ancient Agora, Kerameikos, and Hadrian’s Library number among the most important Athens ruins to see when visiting. Ancient city of Athens Ancient Athens was the cultural heart of the classical Greek world. Between 508–322 BC, the city was a center for arts, philosophy, trade, learning, and development. … Read more