Dodecanese Islands Greece – Real Greek Experiences

There are 15 main Dodecanese islands in Greece, with the most popular islands being Rhodes, Kos, and Patmos. Dodecanese Group Of Greek Islands Greece can be a confusing country. Take the Dodecanese for example. The name would indicate there are 12 islands, but in fact there are over 150! To confuse matters further, 26 of … Read more

Exploring the Athens Olympic Museum

Located in the Golden Hall near the Athens Olympic Center “Spiros Louis” (OAKA), the ultra-modern, minimalist and interactive museum immerses visitors in the world of Greece’s athletic past, present and future. Hi-Tech Inspiration The brilliant use of technology makes the museum and its exciting permanent exhibition stand out by offering an immersive, experentially informative multi-level … Read more

Interview: Yorgos Lanthimos on the Good and Bad of Greek Cinema

For the last ten years or so, Yorgos Lanthimos lives abroad. The pandemic brought him back to Greece for longer periods of time, to rediscover his native Athens, and his beloved Olympiacos. Last week, photos of him at the Olympiacos-Monaco basketball game in company of Emma Stone made the rounds on the internet. “It was … Read more

5 Greek Islands for Wine Lovers

Viticulture in Greece is an ancient art and science, often with generation upon generation of winemakers continuing to use family or communal land to produce exquisite wines from age-old grape varieties. In Greece, wine lovers can quench their thirst for the magical combination of carefree holidays to the islands with dizzying visits to local wineries, … Read more

Refresh Your Spring Style at Athens’ Vintage Clothes Stores

Seeking out great quality, high-style and original second-hand clothes and accessories from Athens’ satisfying range of stores can add just the originality and pep your wardrobe needs to stand out and define your personal style. Meanwhile, with fast fashion committing one of the world’s greatest cardinal environmental sins (official sources say that it is responsible … Read more