5 New Food & Drink Stops in Vibrant Pangrati, Central Athens

Blind Spot A barber shop upstairs, brunch downstairs. Blind Spot, which opened a few weeks ago high up on Euphranoros St, combines these two disparate functions in a nice, bright space with plants and large wooden tables. The coffee they serve comes from Area 51’s Greek roasters while the menu includes, among other things, fluffy … Read more

The Sweet Health Benefits of Bee Products

Honey and bee products have been part of Greek culture for millennia, used both as food and as medicine. Today, one can find an incredible range of high quality Greek bee products, from raw materials such as pollen, royal jelly, honey and honeycomb to the sophisticated supplements, foods and cosmetics that are produced from them. … Read more

12 Essential Greek Foods for Your Winter Pantry

Our sense of taste and smell can evoke powerful memories. We’ve all experienced moments when the aroma of a freshly-prepared meal has triggered heart-warming memories of the kind of food yiayia (grandmother) used to make. The taste of certain foods may recall memories of meals enjoyed on past vacations, at specific places, or on special … Read more


Imagine this: you’re at sea somewhere in the Aegean, relaxing on a luxury cruisers’ sunbed, drink in hand, taking in the beautiful view of the next Greek island you’re about to visit. Even better, you’re there with your significant other or best friend, island hopping and creating core memories that will last a lifetime. That’s … Read more

Inside Scoop: These are Our Favorite Places for Ice Cream in Athens

Bon Bon Fit Maison Kriton Poulis started his professional life as a pastry chef, working as the right hand of the famous Pierre Hermé. He remembers how the inspiration for his fig ice cream came as he strolled the cobbled streets of Kythera. Ever since, the flavor that has become his signature returns every summer … Read more

Five Greek Villages for Any Season

Kalavryta, Ahaia
 It may be the size of a small town, but its atmosphere is redolent of a village. The heart of Kalavryta beats on the pedestrian street of 25th Martiou, where you will find everything you need, and more – shops, restaurants, cafés, groceries selling local products and small souvenir shops. The infrastructure – … Read more

5 Archaeological Sites in Greece and the Best Nearby Beaches

Ancient Messine, Messinia Ancient Messene was an important cultural center in antiquity and continued to be a major political and artistic center even after the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 BC. Upon entering the archaeological site, you will see the Theatron, followed by the Agora, the Asklepion with a series of rooms that housed … Read more